What is a Voice Lesson?

While this may seem like a simple question, many people do not know what exactly happens during a voice lesson or why it is important to have one.

Safe Singing

Just like a violin, piano, or trumpet, your voice is an instrument. Like any other instrument, it is important to have a great sound, but a voice can get damaged if not used properly, especially with young and adolescent students.

The purpose of voice lessons is not only to help you to develop a beautiful and dynamic singing voice but also to teach you to use your voice in a healthy age-appropriate way that will keep you singing for many years to come!

The Lesson

As your teacher, I want your lesson to be more than just singing through a few songs.

While what specifically happens during a voice lesson can vary greatly from student to student and from week to week, the overall structure of the lessons remains similar.


We will always start with some combination of warm-ups for your breath, body, and voice. Just as you wouldn't go running without first stretching and warming up your muscles, you don't want to start singing full songs without first getting your body and voice warmed up.

Warm-ups will also introduce you to new techniques for properly using your voice in a healthy and beautiful way.


After warm-ups, we will work on songs. Typically, you will sing through the song once, and then we will go through it small, manageable chunks, applying the techniques from the warm-ups to the songs.


During the lesson we will also work on expression and acting. A song isn't just pretty notes—it tells a story. If it's a song from a musical, there's a specific character that sings it. It's your job as a singer to tell the story and to make it fun and exciting for the audience.

The Fun

While there's a lot of hard work that goes on during a lesson, voice lessons are lots of fun! As your teacher, I am here to encourage you, support you, and guide you in your vocal studies. I look forward to working with you soon!

Please feel free to contact Sarah at sarah@singwithsarah.com or call (617) 863-SING with any questions or concerns that you might have.